Sunday February 25, 2018
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Six-part documentary ...

... analyzing Milwaukee Conservative talk radio as a microcosm of the genre’s impact on American politics, media and culture.

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Part 5
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The Democratization of the Media

Newspaper subscriptions are plummeting. Network television news ratings are in a tailspin.

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Corporate greed, says the Left, has driven media conglomerates to squeeze the quality and profitability out of their own products. The resulting cutbacks and layoffs comprise a "Crisis in Journalism" that, according to some, necessitates immediate government intervention in the form of stimulus dollars for failing American news outlets.

The Right says not greed but corporate complacency has rendered mainstream media owners oblivious to the repellent effects of Leftwing bias pervading their products and clueless in the ongoing information revolution. Expansion and diversification of the news and information market — the democratization of the media — is, for Conservatives, the logical and appropriate solution.

In this emerging content-focused, people-driven, opinion-based portable media environment, Conservative talk radio is right at home; adopting new technologies to expand its reach, enhance its interactivity with its audience, and increase its ability to outperform traditional media where it cannot or will not apply itself.

What will become of the American mainstream news and information industry? Will it follow market trends and adopt transparency as its guiding principle, openly admitting bias one way or the other and allowing increasingly media-savvy consumers to decide for themselves? Or will it attempt to maintain its pretense of "objectivity," a brand attribute in which fewer and fewer Americans believe.

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